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We offer guided tours for the most popular routes in Alaska. We have put together the most interesting, full, but not overwhelming, itineraries that you can find for your Absolute Alaskan adventure.

When is the best time to come to Alaska?
Climate in Alaska is unpredictable and changes all the time. In the summer months the temperature does not rise above 75F and the lowest is around 45F at night. You can get weeks of sunshine or rain just depends on your luck. The warmest months are mid-May through mid-September and are the most popular time for tourist to visit Alaska. The winters are cold and the temperature varies depending on the region you are visiting. Most tourism businesses are closed. Our winter tours run from February 1-April 15. The temperature during this period is about +20F in Anchorage and -10F to 10F in Fairbanks and Chena Hot Springs. If you'd like to avoid crowds, come to Alaska during the Winter to enjoy the Northern Lights, Dog Sled Races, and Hot Springs. However, the full beauty of Alaska's nature can be experienced only in the summer when the sun does not set, the mountains are grand, the glaciers can be seen under the melted snow, the wildlife is out and about, the rivers are running and full with salmon.

What to bring to Alaska?
Please don't bring too much. Most people that we service say that they wish they've brought less stuff. Here are some things that you should definitely bring when you are traveling in the summer:  comfortable, warm, layered clothes,
rain gear (waterproof raincoat and rain pants), backpack, hiking boots, sturdy shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves, camera, insect repellant, motion sickness medicine (if you are traveling on the water). If you are traveling in the winter bring: coat, sweater, hat, gloves, winter boots, and socks. For outdoor activities you will need fleece pants, wool sweater, wind-resistant pants and jacket, warm boots, and mittens. Again dress in layers.

Should I buy travel insurance?
     Absolute Alaska Tours strongly recommends purchasing travel insurance. Anything can happen and with Alaska's short tourist season most companies require non-refundable deposits or even full fare and the majority of accommodations or activities will not refund anything once you reserve. However, we do not sell travel insurance. You can try this company

What are the benefits of traveling on escorted tours vs. independent travel?
     Each approach to traveling has its own pros and cons and how you view it depends on your style. If you choose our escorted tours you can relax, sit back and enjoy your vacation as we work hard on ensuring that your travel is smooth and enjoyable. There are no unexpected cost, you only pay a flat fee. You get to meet great new people that most likely have similar interests versus traveling alone. You never have to touch your luggage on the road. On the other hand, some feel that escorted package tours travel at an exhausting pace which might be true for some companies. However, the itineraries that we have put together for you allow enough time for you to explore and enjoy the sights, by no means we mean to rush you around. For example, we believe that Denali National Park is worth to explore for a few days and not just one stop to see the Mt. McKinley and leave. It is all about the wilderness and experience you get from spending some time in it. Another point to consider when you are reserving an escorted tour is that most large companies hire people for the summer that don't live in Alaska. Our tour guides call Alaska home year around for many years. We will show you all of our own favorite places that we have been visiting for over 10 years with our customers and alone.

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